According to Lori Roberts, living a life focusing on Trust, Confidence, Faith and values has driven her success in many areas of real estate. Lori lives her life according to a certain sets of principles. Lori’s work, family and friends are all testimonials to that.

It is Lori’s belief that we are meant to help one another whenever we can. By approaching real estate with this attitude, she finds clients have greater appreciation and trust. This often leads to strong referrals. It also removes some of the more discomforting stereotypes of the sales process. It took Lori 10 years to transition from the administrative side of real estate to the sales side because she believed like so many other people that it meant you were making people buy things they don’t need. Lori realized after helping many other top real estate professionals that this did not have to be the way real estate sales are approached. In Lori’s real estate career she does not plan on selling real estate rather educating and counselling people on what their real estate options are. Lori wants her clients to know that she will educate them and always know that her number one priority is to be there to help, not to sell.

Being a Real Estate Agent in Ontario means that Lori is bound by many safeguards that are in place to protect the consumer at all times. Lori is required to adhere to the Real Estate Council of Ontario, the Ontario Real Estate Associations and the Toronto Real Estate Boards Code of Ethics. These ethics are the corner stone to the protection of consumers and the education of Realtors. This means that every realtor begins on a level playing field; we are all required to adhere to the same rules and regulations. This code allows Lori to confidently stick to her values of Trust, Confidence and Faith.

Lori’s common-sense approach to consistent moral standards offers the reassurance to her clients that their needs, want and desires are first and foremost to her.

Lori approaches her personal and professional success as a gift that is not to be taken advantage of. Lori knows that these gifts need to be protected and respected at all times.  

Finally, Lori’s strong moral compass helps her maintain her priorities in an industry that often draws successful agents away from their families. Lori has a true sense of balance in her faith, family and business.

Lori Roberts


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